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Safe Direction OPERATOR Secure Carry Series - Ballistic Resistant Pistol Transport Cases - US Patent 8006604 A1

Safe Direction® Secure OPERATOR™ Series

Ballistic Resistant Pistol Transport Case

US Patent # 8006604 A1


NIJ IIIA equivalency backed by Ballistic-Seal® energy dispersing panel

Safe Direction Ballistic Resistant Pistol Transport Case offers gun handling safety protection in a convenient pistol transport case.  Integral NIJ IIIA equivalent ballistic protection for gun handling safety during handgun loading and unloading procedures. backed by our exclusive Ballistic-Seal® energy absorbing/dispersal panel.  The Safe Direction® Secure OPERATOR™Ballistic Resistant Pistol Transport Case is intended to be your designated point of aim during handgun loading, unloading and maintenance.


For protection in the aftermath of an unintentional handgun discharge; liability protection, ballistic containment and minimized personal injury and property damage due to an unintentional handgun discharge during:

  • Handgun Loading and Unloading
  • Handgun Maintenance
  • Handgun Safety Training

The Safe Direction® Secure OPERATOR™ Ballistic Resistant Pistol Case incorporates NIJ IIIA ballistic equivalency for standard duty/defense handgun loadings up to .44 Magnum including .45 ACP and is backed by Ballistic-Seal® energy dispersal to create a stable ballistic containment / absorption system in the event of an unintentional discharge. 

Warranted for 5 years from date of purchase to contain a duty/defense standard issue handgun discharge through .45ACP, including: .357SIG, .40S&W and .44 Magnum cartridges. The use of Armor Piercing (AP), steel core or hardened type bullets voids any and all claims stated or implied of Safe Direction® products. Replace your Safe Direction® Ballilstic Resistant Pistol Transport Case mmediately after absorption and containment use.

All warranties are valid for single ballistic use only. Multiple ballistic use voids all warranties stated or implied. Distributed by Ravelin Group, LLC