Ravelin Group Defensive Firearm Training, IL Concealed Carry, Safe Direction, AR 500 targets

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Ravelin Group Defensive Firearms Training
Illinois Concealed Carry (ILCCF) Firearm Instruction

Ravelin Student Training

Bi-Monthly Defensive Training Nights for Ravelin Students

 All Ravelin students are invited to attend our bi-monthly Monday night training nights.  There is no charge to Ravelin students for these classes.  See our schedule here

  Class Location

Class location: Messiah Baptist Church, 600 S. Villa Ave. Addison, IL 60101.  See map below.
Get Directions To:
600 S. Villa Ave.
Addison IL 60101

Practice Defensive Skills

We offer informal two hour sessions twice a month at Messiah Baptist Church in Addison, IL.  We practice dry-fire training drills using laser targets and electronic timers.  We offer occasional special presentations such as First Aid, Knife Laws, and Firearm Cleaning/Maintenance nights.  Although we have a small sample of eqipment to for you to try, we encourage you to bring your own equipment.  All sessions led by Steve Camp.

Your hard-won skills are perishable; practice with us!